Information Technology is a vital element of any modern business centre and Cyprus has embraced high-tech on a major scale. Many of the world's leading IT-based companies have chosen Cyprus as their base for expansion in the region, while an efficient software sector has also been established.

The technology industries such as but not limited to software, computers, networking and internet service providers have been deeply influence the live of almost every human being. Nowadays, tech companies are looking for access to capital, increasing share market, and finding and keeping the right talent.

In addition to the above, the new Intellectual Property Law introduced by the Cyprus Parliament brings new and fundamental challenges to industry players. The new Cyprus IP Law is so much attractive which leads to effective tax rate of 2.5%.

The software industry is still booming in certain jurisdictions. The signs are everywhere, such as new business models, new technology innovation ideas, operational performances, and growth through mergers or acquisitions. Through it all, revenue recognition continues to be a major issue in this industry.

Providing superb guidance on the latest accounting standards for revenue recognition and advanced insight into big macro issues facing software companies are just some of the reasons we're a leading provider of professional services to the software industry.

How PHS can help you

PHS professional experts help technology clients solve business issues and develop long-term strategic objectives. It is our aim of working with technology companies helping them achieve success and fulfill their goals and objectives.

Our services include:
  • Register of Intellectual Property
  • Auditing
  • Tax advisory
  • Business advisory
  • Investigations


"We deliver industry-focused professional services along with a forward thinking approach"





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