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PHS consulting team can offer professional services and advice suitable for every kind and size of business and individuals. Our aim is to deliver exceptional proactive advice and instantly add value to your organisation.

We can make your organisation to work smarter and grow faster. Our work is always evolving to respond to industry trends and management focus, and we combine our deep technical skills in response to our clients' changing needs.

Every company is different, having different goals, objectives, dreams, it's like a journey to either a known or an unknown destination. Each one has a different starting point, market opportunity and competitive environment. So helping you reaching to your designated destination is our goal.

We believe there are approaches that are much more effective than others to chart and navigate your way towards two big results: 'profitable growth' for your business and a sharper 'growth fitness' that will allow you to identify and capture future growth opportunities better than your competitors. Growth is a dynamic game, so you will need both results and fitness to win, and to keep winning.

Make no mistake, you have untapped growth opportunities within your business. You just need the clarity to see your own path towards growth, and the right way to get you there.
It's not only during financial crisis that there are business opportunities, every single day, you will face with a new business deal. The point is not to go ahead with a new deal but to chose the right one.

PHS can help you understand if you are getting your integration right. We analysed the pros and cons of the deal, making everyone aware and clear on its objectives.

The goal is to maximise the value of your deal, so PHS can help you clearly defined your targets and how your value can be delivered. No one can do everything by themselves, so make sure that you appoint the right team for your successful integration.

Our aim is to delivering value that lasts for ever!

PHS consultancy team is different from others simply because we:
  • negotiate hard and never give up
  • perform due-diligence investigations
  • take initiatives
  • introduce the right and most applicable models and approaches
  • have the skills, experience and know-how
  • do a market research analysis

We provide advice on:

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A):
  • When is the right time to sell or buy
  • When you can make the right integration
  • Maximise your return
  • Minimise your risks
  • Minimise your costs
Strategic planning:
  • What are the organisation targets and goals
  • How to achieve your targets and goals
  • How to implement your strategy
  • How to measure your results
  • What have you achieved
  • What is the next step forward
Selling a business:
  • What is the right selling value
  • When is the right time to sell
  • What are the tax consequences of the sale and how to minimise them
  • Which is the right process-structured of sale
  • Where can I find the right buyer
  • How can I secure my business assets
  • How to raise a finance
  • What type of financing your organisation needs
  • What are the interest rates applicable
  • The duration of the financing
  • The financing facilities
  • The financing currency
  • What other alternatives of financing available





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