Setting up a company, either in Cyprus or in any other jurisdiction is not as easy as some people say, considering that the ultimate beneficial owner is not a permanent resident in the country of incorporation. So, you need the right professional firm that you can trust to provide you with clear instructions and guidance and explains to you the pros & cons of each jurisdiction.

It is well known that globalization nowadays is booming, whereas at the same time local and international legislations are dramatically shaping the way we conduct our business. International companies, Multinational Groups and expanding organisations need to be aware of all these changes, such as Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS), Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Automatic Exchange of Financial Information and OECD actions in order to be successful in today's world of business.

Almost all firms providing company registration services, set up companies without first discussing with the client about the current and future legal and tax obligations and how these can be utilised correctly in line with the current status of the business.

We at PHS, do it the other way around. We first discuss with the client of all the possible legal and tax implications and how these can be minimised, design a structure showing the flow of transactions and the tax advantages and then set up the company. This is the way you should do your business in any jurisdiction and the key towards your success.

PHS is working with legal and corporate specialists dedicated to providing high quality standard of services to every company irrespective of size and type. We always remind our clients to focus their time on strategic issues, decisions and to their most profitable core activities. We take care of all administrative tasks associated with their local companies.

For more than a decade now, we have managed to minimise our clients' concerns and maximise their peace of mind. Our administration systems are geared to assist the client to sail smoothly through the entire financial cycle, from the commencement of activities to finalising monthly and year-end reporting and to meet both internal deadlines and territorial legal requirements.

Projects can be outsourced or insourced depending on requirements. Naturally regular contact is maintained.