Call us TODAY - We will reduce your tax and penalty liabilities by up to 75%. Tax investigations are too complicated, very intensive and need of experience and challenge. 

So if you,
  • Are looking to minimise your Tax exposure with Tax Authorities
  • Are considering tax transactions which you think the tax authorities may challenge
  • Are facing major Cyprus challenges or direct tax disputes

Effective tax investigation and dispute resolution will often be as much to do with preventing a dispute as it is with managing and resolving disputes when they occur.

Don't wait until you run into difficulty, until you make a mistake that may cause you a lot of money payable to the tax authorities. You should always get advice from experts, from professionals that have the knowledge, expertise and the know-how on turning your tax into investment. So talk to us. Our approach to preventing, managing and resolving tax investigations and disputes is very unique and always in line with the International and EU Tax Law.

We are the only Tax firm in Cyprus that deal heavily with Based Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) actions. We have written a book on "Taxing multinationals in a post-BEPS environment from a Cyprus perspective."

Most of our team have extensive knowledge of the tax legislation and experience in dealing with the tax authorities. Some of our professionals working at PHS are ex tax inspectors. This means we have in-depth knowledge of their approach to tax risk management and a deep understanding of tax administration including the penalty regime.

How PHS can help you

You should always be aware of any changes incurred in the Tax Legislation. Is that enough? Of course not! It is impossible to you that you will be aware of almost everything, what is changing and how this can influence your business activities and personal tax consequences. We at PHS informing you about the changes in a simple and more understanding way and of course we explain to you what they mean to you.

We negotiate a settlement with the tax authorities during a tax investigation on your behalf. We do not want you to get involved at all. You are always aware of the possible outcome and what are the next steps.

Our aim is to settle every tax investigation with a nil tax bill. We are proud of ourselves as we have managed to have almost no tax investigations the last three years.

In cases of Tax and VAT investigations by the Cyprus Tax Department, you need a dedicated team with technical knowledge and experience to assist you. Our approach is to understand your specific circumstances and assist you with the negotiations with the Cyprus Tax Department.

Expert technical knowledge, careful negotiation and advice can often make a substantial difference to the eventual tax liability, penalty and charges.

Appointed PHS as your tax investigation advisor, you will deal with:
  • a tax investigation team that has tremendous experience dealing with Tax investigations
  • a team that manage the full process on your behalf or advise you on the best strategy to approach
  • a team that minimise potential penalties and interest
  • a team that negotiate affordable repayment terms
  • a Cost effective, fixed and capped fee arrangements
  • a Top Cyprus tax firm

That dreaded brown envelope has just dropped through the door informing you that HMRC are launching an investigation into your tax, VAT, PAYE or offshore interests.


You have just received a letter that Tax Authorities are launching an investigation into your tax. It may sound almost friendly in tone, inviting you along for a chat to explain a slight 'irregularity' but do not be fooled. The tax man suspects you of serious tax fraud, tax avoidance, tax evasion, VAT fraud, hidden offshore accounts, tax irregularities, etc. The investigation could spin out of control leading to a criminal tax prosecution and a spell in prison.

Should I go to the Interview?

Do not attend interviews, phone or write to the tax man without the advice of our expert tax investigation advisor. The tax man has been trained to extract information from people and you may unknowingly incriminate yourself.

Is this a Random Investigation?

Tax Authorities is now very unlikely to waste time and money on random tax investigations. New tax guidelines mean that procedures are in place to ensure the cost effectiveness of all enquiries. Tax inspectors want to get promotion and the only way to get it is via the amount of money brought in via tax investigations.


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